Road to Automation – Partnering with Enterprise AI Companies

The commercial model of an enterprise AI company is simple – help technologically handicapped businesses make the most of AI technology. For centuries, enterprises have depended on new technology to stay a few steps ahead of their competitors. The need to invest in AI technology is just as severe as the need to invest in the Internet was back in the late 1990s. If one company doesn’t do it, its competitors will.

Many businesses have already started implementing AI. Learning from them should be the first step for technologically handicapped businesses. The second should be partnering with an enterprise AI company .

Integration Is Hard

Most organizations avoid implementing AI because they can’t think of valid use cases in their workplaces. Many have security and privacy concerns. But, the ones who are integrating this technology are investing heavily. The global Artificial Intelligence market could be valued at over $400 billion by 2025. This only proves that the AI fear is the quintessential fear of the unknown.

AI companies can help businesses overcome this fear and help them make the imminent switch to AI. This process is called becoming AI-ready. Here’s how they do it:

  • By ensuring that businesses have a central data hub where data from various sources can be extracted, analyzed, and used to create detailed customer engagement strategies.
  • By switching core business processes to AI.
  • By convincing the stakeholders that AI technology can manage risks and allow businesses to save and make money. These three reasons are all the motivations boardrooms need.

Let’s look over some use cases of AI:

Sales Automation

The brief moment customers take to make buying decisions are vital for business owners. With advanced AI tools, the chances of the customers making purchases can be drastically increased. Customers receive personalized recommendations and special offers as incentives. All sales leads can then be re-entered into the Machine Learning programs for further improvements.


AI tools can recommend products/services on business websites to customers in real-time. These recommendations are highly personalized and can also be used in marketing campaigns.

AI in Apps

Businesses with personalized apps can benefit a lot by adding AI features to their software. Face recognition, voice commands, etc., are all great features to have on company apps as businesses aim to create larger and more sophisticated databases.

Security Updates

Machine Learning programs can help businesses consistently improve their security measures. Cognitive computing processes help these programs parse through piles of unstructured data created to be read by humans to create efficient and relevant security software.

If the algorithm detects or learns about any form of threat, it automatically equips itself to fight the threat. A constantly expanding security force can be a massive asset for businesses looking to secure high-paying government contracts.

Customer Service

The latest Natural Language Processing tools can understand the context and implications behind human messages. These software tools combine qualitative and quantitative research to create impactful marketing messages.