Sachin: A Billion Dreams…a Data Visualization by BRIDGEi2i Vizards

There are iconic sportspersons, legendary athletes, and then there’s Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The man is associated with greatness, and his greatness transcends the sport of Cricket. He has always been an excellent ambassador not only for the sport of Cricket but also for the nation. And for the same reason, India’s highest civilian award – the Bharat Ratna – was bestowed upon him in 2014, making him the only sportsperson and the youngest ever to receive the honor.

As most of us know, Sachin Tendulkar is widely hailed as the greatest batsman to set foot in a Cricket ground. He is the only Cricketer in history to have made 100 centuries in Tests and ODIs combined, an awe-inspiring feat that won’t be surpassed any time soon. It’s therefore hardly a surprise that he has been given the monikers: Master Blaster, Little Master, and the aptest of all – God of Cricket.

Words can’t do justice when it comes to describing the legend that is Sachin. So, BRIDGEi2i Vizards created an awesome data visualization instead to showcase Sachin’s biggest accomplishments. The Vizards gathered data about Sachin’s Cricketing career and used their expertise in data analysis and visualizations to create a data dashboard on Tableau.

Interact with the data visualization below and embark on the ultimate nostalgia trip as you learn more of the Little Master’s incredible journey in the game of Cricket.

Best viewed in full screen mode (button on the bottom-right)

Best viewed in full screen mode (button on the bottom-right)

Most of us know a lot about India’s favorite son and his impressive accomplishments. But here are seven interesting facts about the Master Blaster you probably didn’t know:

  1. Tendulkar was the first batsman to be declared run-out by the third umpire in a match against South Africa in 1992
  2. The batsman was the first person without a background in aviation to be awarded an honorary rank of Group Captain by the Indian Air Force
  3. The Master Blaster was the youngest to play county Cricket at the age of 19
  4. Tendulkar faced his first ball in Test Cricket from the legendary pace bowler Waqar Younis, who was making his debut in the same match
  5. The Little Master sponsors more than 200 underprivileged children every year through Apnalaya, a Mumbai-based non-profit organization
  6. The batsman was nominated to the Upper House of the Parliament of India for one of the 12 seats reserved for distinguished people in the field of social services, science, arts, and literature
  7. Tendulkar is the only person to have scored a century in his debut in the three tournaments: Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and Irani Trophy

Tendulkar’s biopic – Sachin: A Billion Dreams – directed by James Erskine will be releasing worldwide this Friday. The movie will show his journey from being a young kid growing up in Mumbai to becoming one of the biggest sports icons. According to reports, the film will touch upon the Master Blaster’s romantic side and reveal several of his secrets that are unknown to the masses. Looks like the God of Cricket is all set to shatter box office records as well!