Sales Operations

Recent studies shows that sales operations teams have an increasing role to play in helping Sales Teams successfully drive growth. Sales Acceleration Center in Sales Operations aims at increasing the top-line growth by working in the areas of Sales effectiveness, sales predictability and sales productivity.

Top BRIDGEi2i Assets for Sales Operations

Pipeline Forecasting & bookings prediction algorithm

Analyse trends and forecast pipeline and predict bookings across various products / features and Geography.

Lead prioritization

Tool to ascribe propensity to convert for each lead based on lead characteristics to help define pursuit strategy accordingly.

Components of Sales Operations

Sales Effectiveness

Provide an enhanced ability to win deals and increased revenue growth with similar sales effort.

Drive Lead Conversion
Focus on At-Risk Teams

Sales Predictability

Help bring predictability in quarterly & annual sales outcomes.

Forecast bookings
Pipeline progression & Conversion

Sales Productivity

Provides data driven solutions to increase sales productivity.

Profile Good Sales Rep
Resource allocation
Levers to improve productivity

AI for Enterprises
Thought Leadership