Sales Strategy & Planning

Sales Acceleration Center for Sales strategy and planning provides data driven decisions support around Sales strategy, Sales planning and sales quota allocation. Using the solution, organizations would be able to get insights to identify focus areas, improve account performance, better allocate sales force and also optimize the quota allocation of sales teams.

Top BRIDGEi2i Assets for Sales Strategy & Planning

Account Intelligence Framework

Estimate AM (Addressable Market) based on market & internal transaction data and translate to a region / account level estimate. Multidimensional model that brings together size, penetration, competitive dynamics and customer experience to define future strategy.

Salesforce Optimization

Insightful metrics, visualization & optimization to allocate sales force efficiently. Invest in right regions and products to drive growth.

Components of Sales Strategy & Planning


Target efforts on customer audiences, existing or potential.

Identify strategic areas of focus
Define account strategy


Plan channel strategy and resource allocation.

Create Account & Channel plans
Optimize salesforce allocation

Sales Quota Allocation

Tailored quota setting process for organizations based on situation and limitations.

Optimal quota allocation
Incentive structure & metrics to drive & assess performance

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