The Most Impactful Sales & Pricing Opportunities to Focus on

Be Alerted on Sell Through and Pricing Anomalies at Your Retailers Proactively, Understand Root Causes and Impact on Revenue and Profitability

Consumer Goods Manufacturers juggle over 20 million price points for their SKUs every year. Getting pricing wrong can have an immense impact on your revenue and profitability. Ensuring you have a data-driven strategy for dynamic pricing is a crucial lever for driving growth.

The Sales & Pricing Watchtower helps CPG companies proactively monitor SKU pricing and sales anomalies at category, pack, brand, store & geography levels. Leveraging our Watchtower™ AI accelerator, the solution actively monitors trends and changes in trends on a basket of sales and pricing KPIs continuously and proactively. Algorithmic estimations of root cause and impact analysis help you prioritize corrective sales and promotional investments.

AI for faster responses to pricing and sales aberrations

Stem revenue loss

Understand changes in consumer prices of competitive brand-packs that impact revenue at dollar and unit levels; uncover the difference in impact from competitive price actions and price changes deployed by channel or retail partners

Prevent margin erosion

Evaluate margin leakages caused by trade promotion dollars that have been deployed in product-markets to under-write indiscriminate or unplanned discounting at store levels

Brand erosion and Cannibalization

Identify influence of channel price actions on consumer offtake of adjacent brand-packs, and options to course-correct

Unearth Demand signals

Use store-level sales and price change signals to grasp trends that reflect on emerging consumer demand patterns

Anomaly detection at scale

With millions of price permutations across categories, brands, packs, retailers and regions, only the Watchtower can proactively surface anomalies that materially impact your business

Causality and impact

Understand causal relationships between KPIs, explore lineage and the impact that changes have on revenue and profitability

Sales & Pricing Watch Tower helped a global manufacturer of personal care products to reduce the share-gap of their lip balm against the market leader by better price monitoring while reducing compliance effort by over 30%

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