Whitepaper: Simplifying Analytics Adoption for Decision Making

Simplifying Analytics Adoption

Few decades ago, Managers relied on their instincts to take business decisions. They could afford to make mistakes and learn from it. Today, the scope for learning from mistakes is very minimal. Instincts should be backed by data to minimise mistakes

Technological advancements, in addition to opening new channels of communication with customers, have also enabled organizations to collect vital information about their businesses with customers. But, have these organizations fully leveraged this data?

Today, Organizations make use of data for business decisions, but the data is not close enough to the customer to reap maximum benefit. In many cases, importance is not given to the granularity of data. The probability of “customer centric” decisions being right could be high, if the top management makes better use of the end user customer data (such as point of sale data, voice of customer, social media buzz etc.) to devise business strategies.

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