Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain planning
for the Modern Enterprise

Analytics has helped transform supply chains in the modern enterprise. Across Procurement, Planning and Operations functions, organizations have benefited from leveraging analytics to optimize business processes and cultivate a data-driven decision making practice. At BRIDGEi2i, we help organizations get the best out of their data assets to address key supply chain challenges.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Demand scenario is getting increasingly volatile due to competition, new products and economic factors

Businesses maintain a large variety of products to address personalized consumer needs

Businesses need to reach consumers around the world to ensure profitability and mitigate risks

Suppliers are under constant cost and capacity pressure resulting in longer lead times

Commodity costs are experiencing historic highs or historic volatility resulting in tough cost management

Large consolidation efforts have led to high geographic dependence

Organizations typically combat the problem by stocking high or having non-beneficial supply contracts while, in reality, most uncertainties are predictable.

Core Supply Chain Offerings

BRIDGEi2i has frameworks to establish Analytics CoE for Supply Chain functions


Increase cost savings by appropriate sourcing methodologies of commodities, reduce spend on freights and improve supply base optimization.

Understand your commodity landscape and stay in-the-know of factors that affect prices

Analytical control of Freight and other non-material spend

Identify opportunities to reduce indirect spend through supply base optimization


Advanced statistical forecasting coupled with real-time decision engines models for demand planning, inventory optimization.

Develop better statistical demand forecasting models to match market dynamics

Continuous tracking & optimization of inventory to improve Supply Chain agility

Track revenue, bookings and builds along with backlogs and inventory – Real-time


Improve utilization, control excess and alert delayed orders & bottlenecks before time.

Improve utilization/ yield and reduce failures by employing a predictive control process

Control excess & obsolete costs by bringing predictability into demand

Build an “analytical control tower” that alerts delayed orders & bottlenecks before time

How does
it Work ?

BRIDGEi2i partners with businesses to form an Analytics Center Of Expertise (A CoE)


Our ACoE will

Learn your business from an analytical standpoint

Embed the knowledge within analytical solutions

Make analytics accessible, actionable and operational

Ensure sustained impact

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