Case study: Supply Risk Assessment due to COVID-19 crisis for a Health Tech firm

Business Context

The client is a leading health technology company. Due to production plants closing in China during COVID-19, they expected to face component shortages. Further, they wanted to identify risks that would affect the supply of finished goods.

How BRIDGEi2i Delivered Value?

BRIDGEi2i partnered with the client to identify at-risk material based on the current inventory and lead time, to mitigate risks during the crisis. Integrating data sources like available inventory, at part and plant levels, incoming PO details, sales plan which contains the information on the expected delivery date, historical consumption of the material and quantities, BOM Data and component supplier list, BRIDGEi2i could project the average daily consumption of material to estimate days of inventory in the system.

BRIDGEi2i’s early warning system to identify supply risks helped the client avoid a potential business loss to the tune of 25M USD.

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