Identifying Key Drivers that Impact Sales Outcomes

15 Sep: Identifying Key Drivers that Impact Sales Outcomes

It is an essential activity for every business to identify and analyze brands, products, services or attributes that have the greatest influence on the final target achievement. It also enables organization leaders to get an idea of the possible impact on business outcomes if they work on different factors that drive performance for a business or organization. Key driver analysis helps in solving this problem by recognizing the importance of utilizing data to make evidence-based decisions.

M² - Model Risk Management & Governance Platform

22 Aug: Model Risk Management & Governance for Financial Institutions: Q&A with BRIDGEi2i COO Ashish Sharma

Leveraging the extensive experience with Financial Institutions, BRIDGEi2i has developed a model risk management platform, M². M² provides complete control and visibility over model performance and health with in-depth monitoring metrics for evaluation. M² effectively incorporates governance workflows to manage models across its entire lifecycle from development to retirement.