campaign analytics

21 Jan: Stop the third degree methods being applied on hapless customers

This absurdity has to end. Way too much money is being spent on stuff that is really subjecting people to torture. The plummeting cost of communication technology is playing into the hands of these demon marketers who carpet bomb us at will. The other contributing factor is the fact that direct marketing activities are outsourced to sweatshops that employ desperate, but completely unsuitable people to execute. Lost among all this is the fact that these tactics will put off a large number of people and increase irritation and disengagement among both customers and target prospects- two very important constituencies.

24 Aug: How to create a love affair with your customer!

Gone are the days when a customer was identified as: married, has children, lives in an upscale neighborhood, reads Time magazine and wears a Rolex. Now, customer profile entail aspects such as no. of daily customer visits to the site for the last two months, items purchased by the customer in the last one week etc.

Let us start giving names to the types of customer profiles. Identifying a customer by their attributes is called as “Demographics Segmentation”; to be precise, demographic segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on variables such as age, gender, family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality, whereas identifying customers by their behavior is behavioral segmentation.

08 Jul: Think Email Marketing is Dead? Think again!

Nowadays, I feel intimidated to post anything on Facebook because my whole family is on it, more the activity the more I get questioned. Now the question is not why my whole family is in Social media, the one to be noticed is, irrespective of demographics, gender and race, everyone is on Social media!

So, does that mean all the companies can go ahead and promote, market their products online? The obvious answer would be “Yes” but I’m sorry that isn’t the case. Still old analog style of sending email for promotion works better than the current trend of Social media marketing. Basically say, companies are using online channels to promote expecting better response at lower costs. But contrary to the current belief, it is still old-style email marketing that rules the campaign world.