04 Jun: So the Data Just Got Bigger – Big Deal!

Trust Google to come up with interesting stuff. With a ginormous collection of over 5 million e-books, they created the Google Ngram Viewer app. The purpose is simple – to observe the existential trend of a set of words used in literary works over a period of time. As with most Google creations, the app has great applications – especially for someone interested in Natural Language Processing and the study of evolution of topics.

As an inquisitive NLP analyst, this app really excites me. It helps me tie a few hypotheses together that we couldn’t have decisively done with smaller text corpora.

There are a plethora of articles on the rise of big data and the underlying hardware and software that drive this phenomenon. No, I don’t intend to add to that clutter. This blog attempts to infer the evolution of this phenomenon through a study of the evolution of the words that define it.