HR analytics

15 Jan: Build your organization with EmPOWERed employees

Customers and employees are the most important human pillars of an organization. While most organisations concentrate on understanding customer satisfaction, few have invested sufficiently in their employees’ satisfaction. However, organizations are judged by their performance, which is a direct outcome of their work culture and environment.

Organizations today invest a lot in training their employees, but if they don’t pay heed to signs of disengagement, they may end up losing a chunk of that investment to attrition. This is not merely a financial loss but also disrupts the long term planning of the organization as it fights to maintain some measure of continuity in its endeavours.

24 Aug: Why emulate HR "Best Practices" when you can customize

The HR space has traditionally been driven by Industry Best Practices. The likelihood of People Practices or Initiatives getting approved by the Management also increases manifold if one can show instances of the same being practiced by the market leaders or the competitors.

But how fruitful is such an approach? Does it always achieve the desired results? In the quest to adhere to best practices, can a more effective Initiative/Intervention be left out?

17 Feb: Analytics makes every penny count

The most powerful tool in aligning employees to the organization’s strategic priorities is…. THE MONEY!

Organizational Strategy is by design and necessity, a top-down exercise. It’s impossible to involve thousands of employees spread out in disparate continents, time-zones and cultures in order to get their perspective and input, however so valuable it may be. Now, when the time comes for execution, this becomes the biggest obstacle in rallying the troops. Lack of input almost always ensures lack of buy in.