market research

11 Mar: Open Access: How to get into the business?

In the previous blog, we examined the concept of Open Access and its application in the academic research. Open Access (OA) business models for universities and institutions are gaining traction due to the benefits it provides for the enthusiasts, students of the research domain and those who apply research in practical contexts.

21 Jan: Stop the third degree methods being applied on hapless customers

This absurdity has to end. Way too much money is being spent on stuff that is really subjecting people to torture. The plummeting cost of communication technology is playing into the hands of these demon marketers who carpet bomb us at will. The other contributing factor is the fact that direct marketing activities are outsourced to sweatshops that employ desperate, but completely unsuitable people to execute. Lost among all this is the fact that these tactics will put off a large number of people and increase irritation and disengagement among both customers and target prospects- two very important constituencies.

01 Feb: Research & Analytics – Build on Each Other

Over the last 10 years, Business Analytics has become a buzzword. Pioneered by companies like General Electric, Walmart, American Express, Netflix, Amazon, etc., it has today spread across industries and become the cornerstone of many companies. Companies are using analytics in making data driven business decisions to accelerate business impact.

The most talked about areas in Analytics today are Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, Visualization, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling and Optimization. But another, equally important area in Analytics, ‘Research’ has seldom been spoken about much.