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M² - Model Risk Management & Governance Platform

22 Aug: Model Risk Management & Governance for Financial Institutions: Q&A with BRIDGEi2i COO Ashish Sharma

Leveraging the extensive experience with Financial Institutions, BRIDGEi2i has developed a model risk management platform, M². M² provides complete control and visibility over model performance and health with in-depth monitoring metrics for evaluation. M² effectively incorporates governance workflows to manage models across its entire lifecycle from development to retirement.

Of Misplaced Motivation and a Bank’s Operational Risk Readiness

06 Jan: Of Misplaced Motivation and a Bank’s Operational Risk Readiness

Model Risk Management (MRM). One may wonder why talk about it now when it’s been nearly 3 years since the OCC guidelines were published. But before that let’s define MRM. It is the integrated process of managing model risk through a model’s entire lifecycle and in the process ensure a governance rhythm that is regulations compliant. Similar to OCC, various countries have framed regulations that could impact model governance. And this is a first in a series of blogs that can highlight the regulatory requirements and model governance parameters.