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How Analytics can address Insurance challenges

05 Jan: How Analytics can address Insurance challenges

If we pause to consider what made a traditional industry like insurance spend so much on technology, the challenges that insurers face come to the front. The most common challenges include: the complex nature of business, change in business approach from risk absorption to risk mitigation, data explosion, adoption of disruptive technologies and the rising number of insurance fraud. Let us see how advanced data analytics addresses these challenges.

07 Jun: Hope For The Best, But Depend on Analytics to Prepare For The Worst

From the beginning of time, human ingenuity and endeavor have pushed beyond enormous barriers and difficulties towards progress and growth. Every once in a while, a catastrophic event or a major setback would deliver a death blow to the best laid plans. The inherent uncertainty underlying all attempts at a quantum leap is a major impediment to advancement of any sort. A single misstep could lead to complete annihilation in a matter of weeks. Risk has taken a life of its own and is now a multi headed hydra waiting to devour the organization. Market Risk, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Regulatory Risk, Competitive Risk and the list goes on.

06 Jan: The Credit Cruncher – Credit Card based Board-game

Credit card is one of the most revolutionary concepts in the financial sector. This piece pf plastic has changed the way we shop, spend and plan our finances. Given the convenience of use, most people consider it as the first mode of payment and credit cards have gained the reputation of becoming indispensable.

As always there is a flip side to all great concepts. Credit cards are no different. Maxed cards, overdue payments, unpleasant conversations with customer care, dealing with collection agents to name a few. We at BRIDGEi2i put together a cool board-game that takes on on a rollercoaster ride in the world of credit cards and gives you an experience of the ups and downs of owning a credit card.