The Ultra Cool Uses of AI in the CPG Industry

Think CPG Industry and the mind conjures up visions of massive manufacturing units and loads of packaged goods stocked upon gigantic shelves. Add AI into the picture, and you can almost visualize a large, mechanized bot hauling things around the warehouse.

But is this all there is to AI In CPG Industry?

Certainly not!

Enter AI Analytics companies who’re transforming the very definition of innovation by making AI an integral part of CPG Industries right from initiating different marketing spend optimizations, to controlling pricing of goods, planning for estimated demand, and forecasting the sales for these. There are lots of cool things that intelligence brings to the table and all this, all at the touch of a button. Right from predicting what groceries you need to stock up on, or understanding your customized preference of aerated drink -fresh from the counter, there’s a lot that’s possible with AI.

Check out our informative video with uber-cool gadgets and a host of innovative methods that showcase the cool ways in which AI can be seamlessly integrated into the CPG Industry. So, sit back and watch how AI transforms some wishful thinking into a stunning reality!