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Tracking and Managing Employee Engagement with BRIDGEi2i’s EmPOWER

“Engaged employees stay for what they give (they like their work); disengaged employees stay for what they get (favorable job conditions, growth opportunities, job security).” – Blessing White’s The State of Employee Engagement 2008

This quote sums up what the employers as well as the employees are looking for. This might look very easy from outside, but a closer look reveals that there are various factors that affect employee engagement – every factor is accompanied by its quirks and degree of influence on employee engagement. It is not only that, but the engagement might differ depending on the team you work in, the place, your experience, the manager you work for and various other segments. A proper deep-dive analysis is required to understand the effect of each and every segment and the various factors.

Employee engagement

It is easier said than done. When you undertake your annual employee engagement survey, analyzing the engagement score distribution and employee feedback is no less than opening a Pandora’s Box. Some of the most important questions that the management would like to understand are:

  • How do the millennials in the organizations feel about their job?
  • How well are the top performers engaged with the organization?
  • Is the mid-management aligned to the strategic goals of the organization?

EmPOWER is an Employee Satisfaction Tracking and Management Program from BRIDGEi2i, which helps organizations analyse and understand the above areas and a lot more. Using EmPOWER, a managed employee engagement platform, BRIDGEi2i helps organizations execute employee satisfaction surveys and provide them actionable recommendation at all levels with a quick turnaround time.

BRIDGEi2i EmPower Benefits

EmPOWER offers a comprehensive set of features for employee engagement:

Performance analysis of various factors: Employee engagement depends on a lot of factors. But these factors also have something to say by themselves, Company Values, Site amenities and Career growth being some of the examples. While these factors might also significantly affect the engagement, their scores indicate the level to which the company performs on those factors. Certain factors with very low scores are the ones to be immediately looked into.

Segmentation analysis: While the scores of the various factors give a very good view of the overall performance of the company, the management would be interested in looking at these scores at a particular segment level. Say, across verticals, age groups, locations etc. The scores of various factors across these segments will give the management an idea about the performance of the segments overall. This is a very key feature which helps the management understand employee behavior at a granular segment level to drive more actionable insights.

Benchmarks: While segmentation analysis gives you overall scores of the factors in that segment, it is always better to compare the numbers against a particular benchmark. These benchmarks can be changed with respect to business context, but will give you an overall picture from a comparison standpoint.

Key driver analysis: While most of factors influence employee engagement scores there are certain key factors that drive or influence the engagement scores significantly. BRIDGEi2i’s in-house key driver analysis algorithms identifies these drivers and helps the management focus on them.  EmPOWER categorizes the factors and puts them into 9 buckets based on their performance scores and their importance level. This gives the management a view on factors that are their strengths and factors to primarily focus on.

Verbatim Analysis: While most of the text analytics tools in the town will give you an overall picture to understand the employee’s voice, EmPOWER will help leaders do a drill-down to identify the likes and/or pain-points of employees in a particular segment in the form of word cloud and sentiment analysis.

Team performance: Apart from the leaders getting a view of the overall organisation’s performance, EmPOWER also helps managers look at their own team’s performance. A manager gets to look at the ratings of his/her reportees (given that there are more than 4 responses to abide confidentiality) across various factors and will give them opportunity to compare against any benchmarks.

Tracking: EmPOWER helps you track your employee engagement throughout the year. It helps you understand whether you are on the right track and also helps you understand the changing dynamics of employee needs.

Rich visualizations with appropriate levels of granularity are offered to meet various stake holder needs. Apart from that, it also gives you a lot of filtering options, personalization capabilities and report download feature. Insights are tied with accurate actionable recommendations at individual levels for improved engagement.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution to gauge and discern employee engagement level, look no further – EmPOWER is here! Contact us if you want to know more!

This blog is written by Raghavendar Varadaraj, Analytics Consultant at BRIDGEi2i

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