Visualizing the History of Olympics with Tableau – BRIDGEi2i ”Vizards”

Visualizing the History of Olympics with Tableau

Olympic Games is undoubtedly the biggest sporting spectacle in the world. The games have gone through an amazing evolution since the first modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens, featuring 241 participants from 14 nations. The latest Rio Olympics in 2016 played host to over 10000 participants from 206 countries.

BRIDGEi2i’s ”Vizards” have put together a detailed Tableau Visualization that provides a detailed overview of all Olympics events in succession starting from 1896 till 2008 including medal information about the independent teams. Additionally, the visualization provides a deep dive into the total medals won by a country with the break-up of gold, silver and bronze medals, by sport. Click on the specific year and know how many medals your favorite country received and land upon some interesting facts about the host city for that particular year.

This is the first of a series ‘Analytics in everyday life’ of visualizations by BRIDGEi2i “Vizards”. Follow our blog to get access to the series.