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Walk down the aisle to live happily ever after with your customers

The hunger for business is not just a matter of survival. There is a certain longing, a deep desire for recognition, even love. In a lot of respects, the hunt for the earliest customers is a search for a validation and an acknowledgement.. and is a lot like courtship. The premise of this piece is to drive home the point that customer relationships are no less sacrosanct than the marital bond.

Stumped? Let me explain…

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

Happily ever after
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A thoughtful approach to the best-fit segments of the market is of paramount importance to the spouse-shopper. Using a whole host of parameters to line up prospects and then qualifying them from the desirable to the avoidable is otherwise called TARGETING. Does it ring a bell?

Next, a segment specific strategy of what aspects of our personality to highlight and more importantly, what to conceal is the very essence of the dating game. Again, in business, it’s called POSITIONING. The ability to capture mindshare is crucial to ensuring the desired outcome in ‘both situations.

Customer Intelligence

Information is power and nothing illustrates this better than the arranged marriage process perfected over millennia in India. Once the family patriarch smells blood, he moves heaven and earth to garner as much information about the opposite number and their precedents, antecedents, habits, culture, eccentricities and other sundry proclivities are sliced and diced threadbare.

An enormous amount of care and attention is paid to appear relevant, contextual and attractive in all interactions with the target. The best MBA schools cannot teach customer intelligence better than the father of the prospective arranged marriage bride.

Indian Wedding

Closing the deal

Now, it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. After careful review, vetting, analysis and selection begins the delicate dance to lock in the contract. Its time to introspect, introduce deal sweeteners, answer questions and when all is well, walk down the aisle. Even a little slip-up here and the client becomes Julia Roberts in the RUNAWAY BRIDE.

A little side note that I wanted to mention. If we have done our homework well in the previous sections and have seduced our partner well, then the rest will take care of itself. Now visualize the stunningly beautiful Rose on the Titanic declaring that she is in love with the derelict, almost beggar like Jack Dawson and will consider no one else. This will be the besotted customer who decides to work only with the startup when adults are recommending other large established players.

Marriage Vows

Finally, comes the most important part. Marriage is like vintage wine, and its taste reveals itself in many wonderful ways with the passage of time. Customers also have to be nurtured with the required affection and attention for them to blossom into warm, loving and caring partners, with whom we can walk into the sunset. TILL DEATH DO US PART!

No matter what the scenario, BRIDGEi2i can help.

Our customer intelligence and marketing analytics portfolio can improve branding as well as customer acquisition through right marketing. They also enable monitoring customer satisfaction. In short, they help care for the customer like his better half and make him feel important. And above all, build a lasting relationship.

This blog is written by Nandhini Giridharan, Analytics Consultant at BRIDGEi2i

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