WEBCAST: AI Transforming the Future of a Digital

Increased customer expectations and an explosion of data have propelled businesses to go increasingly digital. Modern-day enterprises are trying to Sense, Learn, and Act to use these data for better CX, OE, or to execute whole New Business Models. Data, when coupled with the power of AI can make enterprises better understand customer needs, enhance CX, optimize processes, and improve productivity. It can lay the foundation of new channels like direct to customers and pave the way for new business models. Enterprises are using the data-driven insights for functional transformation, pan-enterprise, and at scale. This is the way forward to a digital future.

About the Webcast

In this webcast, CEO & Co-Founder of BRIDGEi2i Analytics, Prithvijit Roy speaks on how Digital Enterprises, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Transformation work together to achieve transformational outcomes in business. He underlines the explosion of data due to the adoption of digital and how modern-day enterprises are trying to make sense of the data.

By analyzing the data with the help of AI, businesses can gain insights from structured or unstructured data; this could help in a deeper understanding of their customer behavior and provide unmatched CX.

Secondly, AI learns from the data to help find anomalies, personalize products, or recommend next-best actions. Thirdly it embeds those algorithms into the decisioning process to enable Intelligent Automation to drive their business models. This is going to be the trend onto the future, he notes.

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About the Speaker

Prithvijit Roy Speaker

Prithvijit Roy, CEO & Co-Founder of BRIDGEi2i

Prithvijit Roy is CEO and Co-Founder of BRIDGEi2i and comes with a rich experience of over 19 years in the analytics industry. Prithvijit was part of the leadership team in building GE’s Analytics Center of Expertise in India, and Hewlett Packard’s Decision Support & Analytics Services (DSAS). Before this, he also worked in NIPFP and TERI.

He holds a Masters in Quantitative Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, and New Delhi.