WEBCAST: Automated Business Surveillance for Enterprises with BRIDGEi2i’s Watchtower

As businesses grow complex, tracking signals from separate functions becomes difficult; data flows from all domains and verticals. Enterprises need to be highly responsive to any anomalies and to derive actionable insights faster. BRIDGEi2i’s AI accelerator Watchtower is able to co-relate with KPIs from various verticals and domains and identify root-causes to provide actionable insights. Further it can be deployed on top of the existing technology infrastructure, has pan-enterprise applications and greater customization.

About the Webcast

In this Webcast, Monica Gupta touches upon the increasing complexity of businesses and how enterprises must gear up to be alert to multitudes of data signals. Complex business hierarchies, fast changing business scenarios and time-consuming insights require them to be agile and responsive to stay ahead in the game.

She further explains how the traditional BI systems which offers data visualization and building data lakes of structured and unstructured data, compliant with KPIs and analytics infrastructure may not be adequate to handle the data explosion. BRIDGEi2i’s AI accelerator Watchtower fills this gap with its anomaly detection, advanced root-cause analysis, cross-functional collaboration, tracking of KPIs and reduces time to actionability, thus preventing impact to the businesses.

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About the Speaker

Speaker Monica Gupta

Monica Gupta, Manager, Data Engineering, BRIDGEi2i

Monica Gupta leads the Design and Deployment of contextualized AI solutions for clients at BRIDGEi2i. Bringing in the techno-functional perspective, she handles roadmap, solutioning and delivery of AI accelerators as part of her current responsibilities. Started her career with Business Intelligence and Data Engineering, lead some large Digital Transformation programs in the areas of Customer Experience, Supply Chain, Sales and Digital Marketing across CPG, Enterprise Tech and Consumer Tech companies.

Monica holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Delhi University.