WEBCAST: COVID-19 | Pooled Sample Testing using BRIDGEi2i OptimizerTM

The outbreak of the global pandemic, Coronavirus, has impacted the entire world and altered life as we knew it. Health care professionals are committed to finding vaccinations, but experts predict that finding the right cure and large-scale production of the same could take a while. Without a sustainable solution in sight, and with the curve rising steadily in most countries, testing more and more cases remains the only solution.

In this webcast, Joydeep Dam – Vice President of AI & Innovations Lab at BRIDGEi2i talks about pooled sample testing using BRIDGEi2i’s proprietary AI Accelerator, the OptimizerTM. Pooled testing mainly involves the testing of a large group of subjects, split into sub-groups. A representative of each unit is tested to identify the entire group’s infection status, through which testing efficiency can be greatly improved.

About the Webcast

A viral pandemic can divide the population into three major groups: infected people who are symptomatic, infected people who are asymptomatic, and uninfected people. Now to contain the spread of the infection, it’s crucial to identify the infected people – whether they are symptomatic or not. In this webcast, we focus on the testing rate of a larger population. We’ve split the webcast into two videos for ease of viewing!

The first part covers the basics of pooled testing, determining the right group size, testing efficiency, and constraints. Part two of the webcast delves into multidimensional, multi-stage, and score-based pooling. It also introduces the general framework for optimal strategy determination and the role of the BRIDGEi2i OptimizerTM.

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About the Speaker

Joydeep Dam Pic

Joydeep Dam, Vice President – AI & Innovations Lab

Joydeep Dam heads the AI & Innovations Lab at BRIDGEi2i, which is focussed on the research and development of cutting-edge algorithmic technologies. His expertise in CV and NLP capabilities helped the team in the development of BRIDGEi2i’s proprietary AI Accelerators. Prior to joining BRIDGEi2i, Joydeep headed quantitative disciplines across several banks including Bank of America, Credit Suisse, and Royal Bank of Scotland.