WEBCAST: Transform Enterprise Revenue Growth with AI

Today enterprises are navigating across a spectrum of technologies powered by the Internet, cloud computing, and mobile applications, which have changed how B2B enterprises engage and transact with their customers. In this webinar, Jitendra Jethanandani – Vice President, Enterprise Tech, BRIDGEi2i teams up with Nicholas Stamp Miller – Senior Director, Global Planning Strategy, Insights & Analytics, Automation Anywhere to discuss how enterprises can chart a course for revenue growth transformation.

About the Webcast

In the course of the discussion, Nicholas expounds that enterprise transformation isn’t restricted to people, processes, or technology but increasingly focused around a fourth dimension: Data.

An enterprise’s data strategy can be augmented with automation to help drive efficiencies and achieve business transformations.

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Enterprises need to have customized charters ready before embarking on their transformational journeys, and this should include the objectives, background, and scope of the entire project.
  2. Currently, B2B buyers are increasingly opting towards omnichannel experiences. Hence, enterprises need to go the extra mile to drive engagements that are well-suited to different touchpoints in the consumer’s buying journey, which is at par with the experience of engaging with B2C companies.
  3. The EYES (End goals, Yardstick milestones, Engage stakeholders, and Setting up for success) framework is instrumental in driving revenue growth in a planned and regulated manner.
  4. It’s crucial to enable stakeholders with all the necessary information on automation as it can be a deciding factor in ensuring data-driven decision-making.
  5. Constant feedback is integral to all platforms and processes as it helps key algorithms and technologies evolve and create more impact for all stakeholders.

To know more about how enterprises can leverage AI to drive enterprise revenue growth, watch the webcast!

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About the Speakers

Nicholas Stamp Miller

Nicholas Stamp Miller

Nicholas Stamp Miller is the Sr. Director of Global Planning Strategy, Insights & Analytics, at Automation Anywhere. With more than a decade’s professional experience working in the industry across sales, marketing, intelligence, operations, and demand generation roles, he is adept at setting up analytics practices within organizations and driving results by data-driven decision making.

Jitendra Jethanandani

Jitendra Jethanandani

Jitendra Jethanandani has over two decades of industry experience and leads the solutions & services delivery for Enterprise Technology Business at BRIDGEi2i. He is committed to enabling business outcomes for clients through the implementation & adoption of AI-powered data & analytics across sales, customer experience, marketing & supply chain business functions.