Whitepaper: Demystifying AI for Digital Enterprises of the 21st Century


The digital transformation journeys of enterprises have been fraught with different challenges since the early 2000s. However, the emergence of AI and its synergies with evolving technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, and big data analytics, have brought enterprises to a tipping point in their journeys. With data driven decision making becoming increasingly democratized, enterprise AI is now poised to enable meaningful customer experiences, improved operational efficiencies and power new business models.

In this whitepaper, we deconstruct the current digital enterprise landscape by decoding the facets of a successful enterprise AI strategy. The whitepaper explores how enterprise AI is made Real by leveraging AI-ML tech such as knowledge graphs, NLP and computer vision. It also delves into how actionable AI is increasingly being used to help communities and the planet. Other key concepts being addressed in this whitepaper include the Diversity and Inclusivity Gap at modern workplaces and its significance while building AI-powered products and services and the importance of cybersecurity and data governance for AI systems, to pave the way for a protected, resilient future.

As organizations look to accelerate data-driven decision making and reimagine business processes using AI, the AI experience becomes real, and enterprises will see faster time to value.

We are co-creating a future where AI unlocks the true power of digital transformation across industries. Curious?

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