Whitepaper: The Hitchhiker’s Journey from Analytics to AI


Unravelling the Enterprise roadmap to AI journey

Now that we’re on the spaceship to this new AI-enabled planet, it seems pertinent to understand the journey that we’ve had to get here. The shift of this big data journey from pure-play analytics to sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques has been one with its own set of challenges.

HBR states that almost 80% of larger companies have adopted different forms of ML and AI in their core businesses, which is a significant improvement since the last five years.

The challenge lies in the fact that a majority of companies still use AI tools as point solutions — discrete applications, isolated from the broader enterprise IT architecture. Here’s where we need a more inclusive outlook and an integrated approach, especially if today’s Digital Enterprises must remain competitive.

This whitepaper based on the theme of Douglas Adam’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” takes us through an overview of the Enterprise AI journey – where we were, are, and where we’re heading to and what’s more, what does it mean for you.

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